Hair Trends for 2020

Hair Trends for 2020

2020 is here! Now that we are a few days in its time to look to the future and all of the hair trends on the rise in the year 2020. Its time to say goodbye to the trends in years past and HELLO to the top 5 hair trends making their way in this year! 

The “Modern” Shag 

  This chic cut will be sure to make a statement in the new year. Wear it sleek and smooth for a day at work or textured and undone for a night on the town. The softness of the layers pairs well with a piecey fringe and the versatility of this cut allows for a quick styling for those mornings you wake up in a pinch.

60’s Bouffant 

We may be back in the roaring 20s but our hair is ready for the groovy vibes of the 60s. The 60s bouffant  has been making its precense KNOWN so far this year and we are here for it! A style that offers volume and sass no matter which way you decide to wear it. Wear it half up half down with the ends flipped out or add your own modern twist by pinning it all up! Finish it off with a bold colored headband and some bell bottom jeans that will tie that 60s vibe  together. 

Chunkier Highlights

2019 was all about baby fine highlights but this year we are bringing back those chunky pops of blonde (sort of) This less drastic 00’s look works best for those curly textured beauties out there! Baby fine highlights have the tendency to disappear in higher density hair so the thicker the highlight the more visible it will be. High contrast is in so grab those microphone hair brushes and refresh yourself on those Kelly Clarkson lyrics. 

The Jaw Length Bob 

The bob makes its appearance on the trends list every year. 2020s bob length lays right at the jaw line. Blunt and precise this cut will leave you feeling sophisticated with an edge. Throw in some soft beach waves to give it some bounce or tuck one side behind the ear. For those with a more curly and textured hair type talk to your stylist about a slight a-line slant to create an effortless shape

Bobbi-Pin Art 

Who would have thought that a tiny Bobbi-pin would make such a statement ?  We did!!  By first glance a bobbi pin seems like a measly little tool to keep those annoying hairs back but it really serves many more stylish purposes. Bobbi-Pin art is a popular trend on the run way and with the A-list stars on the red carpet.  You will be stacking, criss-crossing, and creating fun designs in your hair throughout all of 2020! 

Red! Red! Red! 

2020 is the year of red heads. Mix up some auburn tones with some copper to get a similar bold red like actress Zendaya or go for a more natural red look like  Lauren Ambrose. Either way we will be seeing a lot of red in the months to come!